Safety and Security Policy

Safety Tips

1. Never send any money to another member.

2. Clearly state your expectations to avoid misunderstanding.

3. Conduct chats with your dating partner once in a while.

4. Don’t share your dating account credentials, or other documents with anyone.

5. Never share your last name, e-mail address, home address, phone number, place of work, or any other identifying information in your Internet profile or initial e-mail messages. Don’t communicate with anyone who pressures you for personal or financial.

6. If you choose to have a personal meeting with another member, Always provide your own transportation to and from your date and meet in a public place with many people around.

Scam and reimbursements

1. If a member requests money from you. We will reimburse all credits spent on communicating with this member and Block/Report the member permanently

2. A member deliberately misrepresents the following details in his/her profile: age, children, gender and marital status. We will reimburse all credits you incurred communicating with this member and ban the member permanently.


General Date Support Team